So I have never really been a huge fan of Halloween however everyone was really keen to go out this year so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get a night out with everyone and also dress up because it is always fun… Everyone had such fabulous costumes so I thought I would share with you my night!

Okay so I had noideer (hahaha soz) what to go as this Halloween which basically happens every single year… there’s always sooo many ideas I see and think “wow that’s amazing” but I know for a fact I’ll never be able to do it. I always find animal makeup looks so good when I watch YouTube videos and I came across the most amazing deer makeup look by @dressyourface on instagram:


This makeup look was so cute so when I came across this picture I knew I had to TRY and recreate it… and I feel it turned out better than I expected. It was super easy to do and I already had all the products I needed in my makeup bag anyway so it cost me no money which was perfect. I did however purchase deer antlers headband from eBay for £2 and a cheap brown playsuit from Boohoo for like a tenner but I however didn’t end up wearing it out as I decided long sleeves and a club were a no no because no doubt I would end up a sweaty mess. Instead I opted for my trusty gold playsuit from Topshop and it did have a leaf design so kinda fit in with my deer makeup??? Kinda…..

Me and my flat mate were hosting pre drinks at our flat before we went out so we bought the cutest little halloween cupcake cases and made crispy cakes because lets be honest, who doesn’t like crispy cakes?! We also had to buy a skeleton plastic wine glass because for £1 from Poundworld who could resist? And I think I’ll probably use it for the upcoming months as it’s plastic and I’m clumsy so probably best sticking to that than proper wine glasses… This funky gold glittered skeleton was also purchased in Poundworld (the most perfect place to buy any sort of decorations, I love it and could spend so much on unnecessary things) along with skull face hanging decorations which we draped over lights and doors and halloween balloons. Our flat was very halloweeny, we took it very seriously this year as you can see..

Overall it was such a fun night and everyone looked so good. There’s nothing I love more than seeing everyone’s ideas for Halloween and this year I definitely came across some amazingly creative ones. Let me know what you went as this year or if you came across any really creative ones!

Lori x


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