July Favourites


So it was my birthday last month and for it I got mostly spending money for my holiday however I also got a few bits and pieces from my family and friends that I have been absolutely loving recently so I thought I would combine my bday presents and this July favourites post together so I have quite a few things to include, enjoy!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Stockholm 

I absolutely LOVE NYX and I am now so glad our local Boots stores have a NYX counter therefore I just had to go and buy another matte lip cream and of course I went for a nude/pink colour which is kind of similar to their ‘London’ shade that I already have but definitely more pink. It looks so good on and I think I might actually like it more than my London one..

2. Morphe Eyeshadow  Palette – 35T 35 Color Taupe Palette

So this was my birthday present from my best friend Lauren and OMG!!! How good did she do?! I have wanted a Morphe Palette for SO long and I had no idea she was getting me one. The shades are all bronzy/browny/goldy/purples my favourite shades of eyeshadow ever! I have not stopped using this palette since she bought me it and I am definitely going to purchase another Morphe palette soon as the pigmentation is amazing and there is hardly any fall out.

3. Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer – Rock on World

As you know Revolution is one of my favourite brands ever and surprisingly I haven’t purchased any of their baked bronzers.. However my best friend Lynsay bought me one for my birthday and I was SO excited to try it out. It is highly pigmented and looks so good on the skin and gives off such a lovely bronzy glow, it is perfect with a tan!

4. Revolution Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Palette 

This palette was also a gift from Lynsay and of course she bought me another Revolution palette! First off this is without a doubt a dupe of the Naked 3 palette and so much more affordable!! It includes more pinky shades compared to my other eye shadow palettes and like all other Revolution palettes the pigmentation is strong and the shadow is long lasting. I am in love with Revolution palettes and just their products in general and they are 100% one of my favourite brands ever! (Check out my blog reviewing my favourite Revolution Palette here)

5. Mac Prep + Prime Fix +


I have been wanting to buy Fix+ for a while now but never got around to actually buying it until my dad bought me it as a birthday present. I was needing a new setting spray so was excited to try it out and see what all the fuss was about! I was kinda worried about using it as it is supposed to give a dewy finish to your face and I have extremely oily skin so I was scared it would make my skin look even more shiny, however it definitely doesn’t. Fix + has many uses however I have only used it as a setting spray but I have read that it can be used on your eyeshadow brush to increase pigmentation therefore this is a very versatile product and I know I will definitely get my use out of it. There is a subtle smell off this product too which I didn’t expect but it smells fresh and I really do like it. If you are in a debate whether or not to buy this product then I definitely would recommend it!

6. Primark Makeup Bag


I have used the same makeup bag  for SO long and it got completely wrecked whilst on holiday, my black eyeliner leaked all over it and started to stain my makeup brushes and my beauty blender it was such a disaster so when I came home I decided I needed to buy a new makeup bag that I could take on holiday that wasn’t too bulky like the makeup cases I have. This one from Primark caught my eye cause it was pretty and sparkly and I knew I had to buy it especially how cheap it was so if it ends up getting wrecked I won’t be too bothered as it didn’t cost a fortune!

7. Victoria’s Secret Makeup bag & Spray


As you can see my makeup bag from above is a bit too big to carry about in my handbag therefore when my friend Dana brought me this makeup bag I was soooo happy cause I really did need a makeup bag this size (this bag also included cute VS pants which she’d also bought me<3) and this fragrance oil spray – Aqua Kiss which happens to be my favourite Victoria’s Secret scent! This makeup bag is the perfect size to fit the essentials and carry about in my handbag whenever I need a touch up, also the colour is so beaut!

8. Selfie Light Case


Okay so Lauren really does know me so well!! She got me a selfie light phone case!! Is this not just the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?! Whoever thought of this idea is seriously a genius like now you don’t need daylight to take a good selfie.. There is a button on the back of the case which you can press once to light it up and if you hold it in it will get darker and then brighter again so you can adjust how light you want it easily. Also if you click the button twice the lights start going on and off like a strobe light which makes me feel like I’m in a club.. I don’t think I’d ever use that setting but it is kinda cool.

9. Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser and Scrub


So once I came back from Maga my skin was horrible like honestly the worst it has ever been due to the suncream breaking my face out something awful so when I was applying my foundation it was caking and my skin was really bumpy and my foundation looked so bad. I needed to find a new face scrub that I could use to help clear my face up and also suit my oily skin. That’s when I came across the Simple Oil Balancing range in Superdrug which I didn’t know existed?! So I decided to give it a go cause I really had nothing to lose. This product say that you will see results within 7 days and I haven’t used it for 7 days straight yet therefore haven’t saw much results as of yet but I really do like how soft these products make my face after using them and I think my skin has definitely became less bumpy and I feel a lot better with my skin now that I’m finally taking care of it.

10. 7th Heaven Face Masks

image To further help with my awful skin problems I decided to buy a face mask as I very rarely buy them so I decided to have a look around Boots and see what I could find. The only face masks I have ever used are the 7th Heaven range so I decided to buy 3 as they are only £1 each – Tea Tree Peel off Mask, Argan Oil Mud Mask and Dead Sea Mud Pac Mask as these masks were the ones that suited my skin the best. I used the Tea Tree Peel off mask first as I absolutely love the smell of Tea Tree and it was so refreshing, combining that with a Lush bath was the definition of a perfect relaxing night! The peel off masks I would say are definitely my favourite as you can easily just peel them off like it says (if i could give you any advice when using this product I would recommend you keep this mask away from your eyebrows as I got the product in my eyebrows and omg trying to peel it off from there felt like my eyebrow hairs were being pulled out, quite sore!!). 

11. Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb


I swear Lush NEVER fails and yet again they have smashed it with their bath bombs! I had to stop myself from purchasing Intergalactic or the Frozen bath bomb again and I decided to try a new one – The Experimenter. Lush describe this bath bomb as; “An enigmatic and comforting romance of… deep, complex vetivert notes that enthrall your senses before creamy vanilla and tonka provide a sweet antidote.” 

It made my bath so pretty and colourful I loved it! The smell was so nice also, however I didn’t feel it lasted that long and once all the colours have faded the bath just turns a weird green colour which isn’t so pretty… But other than that I loved this bath bomb and will definitely be repurchasing!



I just had to include this birthday card from Lauren in my favourites because LOOK! It’s a card about my favourite thing; wine! And it is so true, wine really is the answer to all life’s problems, unless you consume too much of it (Rosé especially) and you end up an emotional mess which makes life’s problems a lot worse..

13. The Vampire Diaries


I gave up on The Vampire Diaries a while ago (maybe season 6) but last month I started to watch it again and I forgot how much I loved it! It’s so strange Elena not being in this season however it really is amazing and I love how Damon is appearing a lot more regularly in these episodes (how hot is Ian Somerhalder though?!) and I am obsessed yet again! It basically took over my life last month and I’m going to be SO gutted when it finishes for good, I don’t know what I will do with myself…..

Lori x


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