Girls Holiday Time!


So I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ve been doing recently as I have been a bit MIA! This post is up later than I planned to post it because I think my internet has a problem with WordPress as it NEVER loads properly and takes like an hour to upload photos?! I also spent so long editing this post for it to magically delete and come up saying ‘page not found’ fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway, almost 2 weeks ago now (CRY!), I came home from being on holiday after the most amazing week in Magaluf with my bestest friends. I have never been so depressed to come home from a holiday before and I still wish I was back there. When people think of Magaluf there’s various things that pop into their heads (lol) and I had always said that I would never go to Maga after all the stories I had heard about it.. HOWEVER I completely misjudged it and have definitely changed my opinion since being there, I would 10000% go back without hesitation and it is by far the best girl’s holiday I have been on, it knocks Malia right out the water!

Our holiday got off to such a great start when my friend’s case was 8 kilos overweight…. EIGHT! So we spent like half an hour emptying out her case to try and get it to 15 kilos and turns out she had packed a full mirror with a stand………  I ended up with a curling wand and one converse in my handbag. So after that stress we also almost missed our flight as we arrived at the gate 15 mins before the flight was about to leave, but we made it and that’s the main thing!

In comparison to Malia there are so much more things that you can do in Magaluf and in the week we were there we managed to do 3 events however there was SO much more that we didn’t manage to do but I feel we done quite well considering the short time we were there.

1. Tinie Tempah at BH Mallorca 


Probably one of my favourite nights of the holiday just because the atmosphere was insane, however I was feeling completely claustrophobic and sweating buckets but it was so worth it and I’m glad we got to visit BH Mallorca!

2. Full Moon Party


The most disgusting Sex on the Beach EVER! But how cute are the little buckets?!

Okay so we turned up basically 2 hours late and missed all the face paint etc…. We were told that it finished at 2 and it finished at 12 meaning we literally got like an hour there if we were lucky (I blame the PR who sold us tickets for giving us false info!). I would recommend going to the full moon party but make sure you are there for the pre party and don’t end up like us!

3. Sigma at BCM

Of course we had to go to BCM and we got to see Sigma! Yet again we missed the pre party (you can see a pattern here!!) so we went to this little place across from BCM that sold the most amazing cocktails, my strawberry daiquiri was unreal! I think the best part of my night was witnessing my friend holding a snake – it was the most random thing ever but look how happy she looks?! BCM had such a good atmosphere however the drinks were absolutely disgusting and it was impossible to get drunk on their Sex on the Beach as it was definitely just juice and their vodka just wasn’t drinkable… Other than that it was such a good night and I feel if you go to Maga you need to experience BCM!

The majority of our nights ended up us buying an MCP ticket for like under €30 which allowed you to club jump from 5 different places and once you go in the club you get unlimited drinks so you literally spend no money other than the ticket!! You also got a free t shirt every night you purchased one so that was definitely a result as we came home with several tops for bed! My favourite club was definitely Boomerang and I think we spent most of our time in there at night!


The clubs were absolutely roasting, like unbearable!! I swear there was no aircon in the actual club BUT after almost passing out one night from the heat I found aircon in the girls toilet and you can see how happy I was to find it! If I could give you any advice it would be 1. to carry powder and a powder brush with you at all times, my powder was an absolute LIFESAVER, every night I was an oily mess and powder really was my saviour, and 2. also carry a bobble cause if you get overly hot like myself your hair will have to go up at some point during the night!!

Besides all the clubbing and partying our hotel was situated on a hill overlooking the sea and it had the most amazing views and the area itself was extremely pretty so of course we had to go and get some pics by the sea before we left!

Food wise we were half board so we got breakfast and dinner in the hotel however we didn’t make breakfast once due to being extremely hungover every day.. I am a very fussy eater so dinner for me wasn’t the best therefore I didn’t eat much hence why I probably got myself into the most drunken states and also why I ended up getting drunk food every night at like 5am – standard!


The only food pic I got!! What a shock

For lunch, most days we ended up along the beach front in little restaurants and we ended up at this particular one a few times, I can’t remember the name but their Chicken Tikka Panini was so amazing! On our second last night we got lunch in the hotel instead of dinner and we went to Pirates which is somewhere I got told to go by numerous people and the burgers were seriously on another level!! All I had been craving was a burger the full holiday and it definitely met my standards. If you do go to Maga definitely go to Pirates for food, by far the best meal I had!!


And of course the best part was getting to experience it with my best friends. I would definitely recommend going to Magaluf for a girl’s holiday and I hope to return soon as I now completely understand the true meaning of ‘Maga Blues’ and the full week hangover when I came home and losing my voice due to cheap vodka was definitely worth it.

This post was a bit different from normal but I really wanted to share my holiday with you all so I hope you enjoyed, my next post will be up very shortly and it’s a July favourites post!

Lori x


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